PLEASE DONATE to the special gift for naming a space in Betsy & Ron's names in Health Services Building

The Health Services at uWaterloo is undergoing its first ever expansion. The original building was built in 1968 to serve 9,000 students and the student population has now grown to 34,000!  As Ron’s Dons we have a unique opportunity to raise funds to name a high profile area in the new student Health Clinic in honour of Ron and Betsy. This will be an enduring gift that recognizes and thanks the Eydts for their contributions to student welfare for over 30 years. The name plaque will also remind present & future students of the Eydt’s legacy of caring for uWaterloo students. Thank you in advance for a thoughtful contribution.

We invite you in making a 100% tax deductible contribution towards the

Ron & Betsy Eydt named location in the renovated Health Services.

You determine how much and how you donate. Options such as:

• Make a one-time gift of $xxxx. No minimum amount.

• Pledge over time up to 5 years. ie $50 per month for 1 year = $600

• 100% tax deductible and all goes directly to the building fund.

To make your donation online click button on right. You will be redirected to the uWaterloo Development site to fill out the secure form.

Over 30 individuals or couples have generously

donated to the gift now totalling over $32,200

Many thanks for the support in reaching our goal of  $50,000.

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